Avalon Classic point weight


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Hi i have just bought 12 Avalon Classic arrows at 600 spine and am planning to cut them to 27.5 inches, they come with break off points 100 to 80 grains. So would be interested know what weight would be best for this format. With the 100 grain point the arrows weigh 319.2 unglued at 27.5 inches. Any advice would be most welcome.

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If the manufacturer offers no guidance always start at the heaviest possible and tune/shoot the distances you want to acheive. If you take them down to 80gn you can't stick it back on...


You need to decide which road to go.
Lighter tip means a flatter trajectory, which is advantageous if you estimate distances incorrectly.
But it makes the arrow more susceptible to wind, and release problems.
A heavier tip (= higher FOC) means, you need to guess better ...

And heavier tips increase the spine value (deflection), so the same shaft needs to be shorter for an identical spine.
But once you shortened them, it will be too stiff with lighter tips ...:scratchch


Leave at the heaviest. Only reduce the weight if you really need to. The small 20 grain difference in point weight will make damn all difference in the match (unless it's edgy to start with), but heavier is better for windy conditions. You're pulling (guess) 45lbs...?


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Hi Thanks for all your replies, well guessed it is at 45lbs pull. The FOC with the 100 grains using the AMO method is 12.27% without glue. So will try that having only done one, before i set the rest up.