Axcel AX4500 Recurve Sight


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4 out of 5 rating for Axcel AX4500 Recurve Sight

I bought this sight back in September. It arrived from the States about 4 weeks after this.

First Impressions were good, the sight is exceptionally well built and adjustment is smooth with nice clicks on both windage and elevation. The windage track also has plenty of room to move either side, reducing the need to actually screw the sight pin itself. Axcel does not provide an 8/32 nut to hold the pin in place but these are easily available from most hardware stores. The sight comes in a padded hard plastic case.

On the bow the sight is considerably heavier than similar offerings from Sure Loc and Shibuya (Axcel have addressed this in their new "Achieve" line), this certainly made my bow roll a little faster due to the added weight high on the bow. It is also a little cumbersome compared to say the Shibuya Ultima. Operation is nice, with room for a sight tape on one side of the track and a marked out scale on the other. Windage is clearly marked on the track and the knobs for elevation and windage are marked to show how much they are rotated. The quick release works well, but the block fits a little tightly on the track - two hands are needed at times to move the block at distance changes. The quick release system for the pin means the sight can be left exactly where it was - useful for the indoor season.

Overall this is a good recurve sight. It is however a little pricey and I think there are some more sensible options that do the job slightly better, such as the Shibuya Ultima or Surel Loc Quest X.