barebow first class

Decided to try barebow last month as my longbow form had slipped and I struggle to hold up my recurve bow with a long rod on. Anyways managed to get my 3rd 1st class score yesterday with a WA70m. I havent really achived what I wanted from it though, which was to be able to spot what was going wrong with my release for LB as my draw and release are very different but it does make a change and I somehow dont feel the same mental pressure I get with recurve.
So, LB I am bowman, barebow 1st class and recurve? Havent even got a 3rd class score this year as the 2 times I have shot have failed that badly. i think I will try without any bolt ons other than the sight and see how it feels.


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Congratulations - sometimes the switch from one bow style to another is exactly what you need to help with an issue you may not even realise you had or to keep archery fresh and challenging.

I experienced something similar with recurve, hardly ever shoot it as such now just mostly as a barebow because I enjoy longbow & AFB so much in the nice weather.


Just to update this I have recently bough a cheap compound bow from archerysuppliesonline. I wont write a review of the kit but I will say that the bow represents good value for money if you are happy to spend a little time setting it up to get the best out of it.
So, managed to knock off the 252 badges up to 40 yds (a handicap is applied so have to score 300+), 50 yds not beyond the realms of possibility and have managed to score with all 72 arrows doing a long national. Now that is not remarkable in itself but as I struggle with a debilitatiing condition and am now unable to get 3 scores a year for 3rd class with recurve I am pretty chuffed.
Perhaps I might do a bit of indoor this winter after all

I should correct the name of the retailer, it is archerysuppliesdirect. they sell on ebay but cheaper to buy via their website or even give them a ring. What they sell will suit those on a tight budget who wnats to buy new

managed to achieve second class with the compound, Bought some Easton carbon arrows and they fly well and a third of the price of carbon/aluminium. Can just about shoot at 100 yds without having to take the sights to pieces for adjustment so all is well. My fellow club members havent disowned me for going over to the dark side and it is longbow clout tomorrow with the BLBS and the weather looks promising.