Barebow Rose Awards!


I haven't seen a thread about this yet (apologies if I missed it) but AGB recently announced (latest ArcheryUK pg. 58) that there will now be Rose Awards for barebow!

Yes, awards for barebow themselves, not just the recurve ones!

The announcement seemed quite discreet, however, and I know a lot of our club members missed it.
Therefore I thought I'd start a thread here, in some ways just as a PSA to say please spread the word amongst your fellow barebow archers.

My guess is AGB wanted to start awarding this summer, though sadly it might have to wait until 2021 now.

To save you time looking up ArcheryUK the scores are as follows:
W - 500
B - 600
Bl - 700
R - 800
G - 900
P - 1000


Oooo, another badge! That was an opportune time to switch to Barebow:). I should read my AGB magazine more carefully (or at least read it). I must admit I hadn't realized barebow was not as well recognized as OR or compound until I changed from recurve. Anyone know if they will change the design? Maybe a bigger rose;)


Yeah, this is exactly my point!
People have been asking for a few years to add barebow to the Roses, so it's surprising that it wasn't better publicised! And this summer being a dud for outdoor competitions won't help.

As for badges I believe they will be octagonal based on discussions on the facebook page here: Barebow Rose awards