[American Flatbow] Basic set up


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Just started out with an Oakridge Aspen 35lb. My draw length is 27" so have about 32lb OTF and I am using a glove at the moment.

Looking for suggestions on bracing height, nocking point height and which style of release is best, 3 under or split finger.


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According to a quick google search on tgat model, the recommended brace height for that bow is 6.5 inches, so I would start there.

A nock point height of around 1/8" above square (remember to account for arrow diameter) would seem like a reasonable place to start, and adjust to suit.

In terms of release style its really up to you - which gives you the most comfortable and replicable anchor and minimal interference with the arrow? All things being equal, a split grip will give better sight marks at distance, but it has to be a suck it and see kind of choice.

Hope that helps