Best place to go?


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If you were coming back to archery and needed a complete new recurve set up which shop would you go to? and why?


Take advice, if you can, from your club members or if you’re not in a club seek one out and ask for advice. Killingworth Archers are very near you and are an excellent, active and friendly club. I’m sure they would be delighted to welcome you back to archery. They have a website and a Facebook page.
Be careful about going to shops without a clear knowledge of what you actually need.
Good luck and happy shooting.


Custom Built Archery, near Newark. They outiftted my husband with a beautiful set-up which should last him a good few years, knew what they were talking about, didn't oversell, and listened to what he wanted throughout. They were absolutely great, no hesitation in recommending them. Great stock selection in the shop, too.


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Not a direct answer to your question but an honest one. If i'd been away a good while I would get the feel of it again/ask advice/opinion at a local club. I would ask around and see if anything came for sale there. If not, I would then go through for sale sections such as this forum and failing that eBay.
As for shops - I don't think you can go wrong ( with the exception of internet only) but if possible take an experienced archer with you who shoots the same style.


If you are near Killingworth Archers then there's only one close(ish) shop that I'm aware of. Merlin in Bishop Aukland. Maybe Aardvark are the next closest? You say 'coming back to archery' so you may already know the ins and outs which would make online ordering less of a minefield.


It's always a bit tough to be hard on a shop for supplying the wrong arrows; when you go to a shop and have your draw length measured, arrows are supplied based on that and usually adding a bit for safety for new archers. Also that's based on arrow charts that don't account for the speed of various limbs only the draw weight. Then back at the club, weird stuff like coaching happens, draw lengths change, people cut arrows down, massive fletches are added without a thought for clearance, and all that, and suddenly the local shop are a set of bastards for giving me the wrong arrows... I've heard archers who have been shooting for 5 minutes saying how such and such shop gave them the wrong arrows because they're going left and they must be stiff, then you watch their release...

You can't expect a shop to do the hard work of matching arrows to your bow for you. Ball-park yes, any further, definitely not.

I'd be looking for someone with a similar draw length as me in the club (unless you are actually like me at the frustratingly long end) and asking what arrows they may have in their locker that you could try. And for a bow, service and knowledge, see Alan at Merlin at Bishop Auckland.