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The law on archery & air guns states that you must be at least 100m from anywhere the public has access to, public or private(e.g. a holiday camp)
Link to relevant Act of Parliament please? Also please quote the applicable section and subsection.
Or, it's utter and complete bollox.
I believe.
So you don't know. :rolleyes:
A lot of people "believe" a lot of weird and wonderful stuff, often stuff that other folks have just made up. This is especially typical of "law" spouted on the internet.

I've shot airguns for 35 years, and this particular piece of imaginary legislation is one that has managed to elude me all that time.

There's an oft-misquoted rule about shooting an airgun within 50 feet (not metres, not yards, feet) from the centre of a public highway. It's usually misquoted as 50 yards/metres from "a road". But even this is only an offence if a user of the highway is endangered or interrupted.


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