Bow wood suppliers


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Yandles of Martock - Good selection, everything from full-length boards to arrow footings. Good service and have been known to take back unsatisfactory wood.

Wenban-Smith (Worthing)
Flybow - All sorts of archery DIY, based in Eire.
North Heigham Sawmills - not used but seen recommended.

Also bowyers who will sell staves including:
Richard Head
Pip Bickerstaffe
Bowtec Bows
Sid has said somewhere that they sell staves at Border Bows
Exotic Hardwoods UK

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Just a note on Yandles
I order some hickory off them that I was not happy with
I rang them up and they arranged for it to be picked up and credit the money straight back. First class service
The only problem was that they had no more hickory left
The lemon wood was first class

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I looked at the hardwood place in Harlow, not really any good, they deal more in big quantities, the had some nice offcuts, but not really suitable for bows, grain wandering all over the shop. There was some nice offcuts of what looked like Ash but it was about 1/2" square...
I asked about Hickory but they don't really get it in. The blike said someone had been asking about Hickory fo bows only the other day...maybe our ranks are growing!


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Both Richrd Head and Pip Bickerstaffe have recently told me that they can't get good enough hickory for backing a longbow, so the lack of enough for a whole bow in unsurprising...


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Just a up date on Yandles if you order some timber off them now and are not happy with it they will charge you for the carriage to pick it up about ?30

This is due to the number of people returning timber.

Having spoke to them at length they do not have any one on the staff that understands what bow makers are looking for in there timber

So it looks like you take a chance or pay them a visit

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There seems to be a lot of work tidying up woodland going on at the mo'.
I noticed around the golf course a lot of work had been done and I picked up a couple of lengths of Ash (only about 5') which had been left in a heap...might make a little flat bow.
Worth having a walkabout if you see any signs of felling or tidying.


I've used North Heigham Sawmills (Norwich) - they're good and supply Lemonwood, Hickory, most English Hardwoods and 'exotics'. The main problem is they're a bit on the pricey side.

If you're after Ipe (greenheart) try googling 'IPE Decking'. I picked up a load from some decking place and it worked out about ?5 per bow.



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For my four penneth I've bought some lovely wood from A shop called "le_enterprises". Its run by a chap called Lavern who cuts wood for a living and seems to have lots of regular custom from American bowyers. You have to keep an eye out for what you want and the bidding is harded on long straight lengths ( 72"+) But if your not scared of billets ( i am I've had a lovely pair of osage billets for over a year) you can get good prices, and the shipping was nowhere near as bad as you'd think!