Barebow centre serving


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Im new-ish to barebow and planning to enter a couple of competitions right at the death of the outdoor season.

On reading the rules of shooting i see that it states that "The serving on the string must not end within the archer's vision at full draw" but i have seen a lot of photographs/videos of archers shooting internationally who must be able to see the end of their serving


(sorry, i dont know how to make the images small enough to insert them!)

I can just see the top of the serving, if i look for it, in my highest string walking position - i suspect it looks similar to the above. Im currently using the same string i used to use for recurve. Is this something that is strictly enforced? Do you serve your strings longer to avoid this problem?



steve Morley

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It's a good point to which I don't know the answer.

The way I see it, as you walk the string at some point that serving end will be at eye level unless you serve way high. I think it would catch a Judge's attention if the serving had a big knot on the top end, otherwise they don't seem too bothered about this rule.


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I had my serving checked a couple of comps ago (first time ever) so don't assume you won't be checked


During my flirtation with string walking I served my string to comply with this rule and you do have to put a lot of serving above the nock to keep it out of the sight line. Mind you, you have to put a lot of serving below the nock too, to string walk.

I'd have said that that string is not legal for Barebow. I too have had my string checked by judges recently.

Now I've gone back to gap it's not an issue.