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hi all i'm looking for a compound bow for my 11 year old can anybody reccomend one what will last..


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I'm sat here trying to remember what type of bow that 'fordy' junior uses.. he's 11 ish and shot 1006 on a ladies fita at lilleshall the other weekend, amazing little archer! Hoyt hooligan jnr uses a ringtec I think... but I could be wrong! :beer:


The qusetion about compounds for children, and even adults with very short draw lengths, crops up fairly regularly. Would it be useful to have a (page??) set aside as a data sheet for reference purposes? Something easier to find than doing a search?If this already exists,sorry.

a junior in my club, 11 or 12, shoots a 30lb rintec well, id suggest a 30-40lb draw weight version, just so you can lower it to about 25 and work up, will last them a long long time.

alternatively, i shot next to a junior about same age with a trykon sport a couple of shoots ago, he shot 520+ portsmouth. great looks with that bow, and mega draw length adjustments. and ofcourse, a wide range of colours =)

the other bow is the diamond cutter, looks ace, and it seems to shoot nice, only problem (if it is) is that it only peaks at 30lb, but good little bow, for very fair price.


We have had this thread before I believe.

The Hoyt bows are good, but expensive. The Matthews genesis are OK, but don't have a breakdown.

Two bows I looked at for my daughter were the Browning Micro Midas, and the Diamond Cutter. They both look pretty similar, have a similar cam arrangement, and the same draw length/weight availability.

My daughter settled on the Micro Midas, it has a 10" draw length adjustment, 18" to 28" and a weight of 20lb to 30lb. Both also have two choices, the 20/30, and a 30/40 version. They both have the modern long riser, and close to parallel limb arrangement, just like some adult bows. I know Compound_Kid shoots well with his Midas 4, as does my 10 yr old daughter. They can both get 50 yds with them. Compound kid probably more, as my daughter has hers right down at about 23" draw, 23lb weight.

I have drawn a diamond cutter at KG archery. As well as looking similar to the browning, it feels the same to draw. Chris & Ben at Merlin have played with Sarah's Micro Midas, and were impressed by the performance and quality at the price. They admitted that they could not produce such a bow at that price.

One point I would stress, don't buy a 30/40lb bow, and try to wind out the limb bolts to get 25lb. That would be extremely dangerous. You are almost guaranteed to get a limb tearing out of the aluminium threads in the riser at full draw. You would certainly invalidate the warranty too.


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My lad started compound at 12 with a hoyt rintec. He outgrew it at 13 when he had a growing spurt (max draw length of bow was 26"). He changed to a diamond cutter by bowtech (draw length from 18" to 28"). He much prefers the diamond cutter and certainly the 10" range is useful because kids can gow massive amounts over relatively short periods of time.


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I am currently shooting a Hoyt Trykon Junior. It is a light bow weighing in at 2.7lbs, 17"-25" and 20lbs to 40lbs draw weight. 8" draw length and 10lbs draw weight adjustment. Came 7th in Junior Nationals at Lilleshall very impressed with it ;)



If they are very small the trykon sport is tough to go past (two of my smaller juniour clients use these and have each been national champion. If they are capable of shooting over 40lbs peak i would look at the merlin xs. in the hoyt range as has been said above they are expensive for the growing child (trykon sport excepted) and have a short shelf life with growing kids


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If you are interested in buying second hand I have a red hoyt trykon junior 30lbs to 40lbs 17" to 25" in very good condition for ?150 ish (as seen in picture shooting at the junior nationals!!!)

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info on compounds

A good place for comparative listings is they have listings by lots of measurements they are aimed at the hunting side but they list most bow makes by draw length with adjustment levels, brace hieght, axle wieght and lots of others also an archive of the last few years and many pages of information on bow arrow selection

its my party and

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Noticed a junior compound on UK ebay today sorry didn't get a link finishes on Sunday I think