Close Your Eyes & Find Your Anchor-Point


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I don't think this qualifies but still..

Maybe 2 months back, I was having trouble trying to re-find my anchor point as I somehow managed to lose it.. >.<
Anyway, I loaded another arrow, pulled up my bow, closed my eyes and came to full draw.
I found a comfortable anchor point and then opened my eyes, took aim and fired.
It turns out that I only had 5 out of 6 arrows on my target.
I looked to the target on my left and saw my arrow hanging out of it.
I managed to score a 9 on the group's target next to mine, too bad I had to count it as a miss.. xD


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Sorry, Zak, I can quite happily manage that with my eyes open :) Now if you'd have managed to bounce it off a judge's hat with your eyes closed and still get a gold... ;)


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Some guy a month ago shot his first arrow of the day, it exploded and carbon shards went through his hand.
Ouch! >.<
I think he deserves a Fonz.