Collectable Items????

An Old Archer

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OK, this is the last chance for anyone interested.


I have a Royal Scot recurve bow with bow bag, from around 1966, I used it to win the Junior Championship when I belonged to the Windsor Forest Bowmen,
I would not recommend using it but it may be for a collector.

Also I have a 2 piece steel bow in a purpose made box with arrows and bit and pieces + a carry case also containing arrows (tubular alloy) and bit and pieces.

I can provide photos if required.

All these items need to go, if some one would like collect them, they are to bulky to post, then they can have them.


i'm a "collector" .... happy to give them a new home & hopefully exhibit them sometime.
Where are you?


Thanks to Maurice these items have a new home & hopefully 1 of them may be on display later this year if I manage it! this space for update if you're interested!