Complete archery set FOR SALE

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Selling my entire kit, ready for shooting.
Only 6 of the 8 arrows are in a good state. One has a single fletching missing, and another one has a kink. The kinked arrow's fletchings, nock, and head can be salvaged.
The original rest has been replaced with the Shibuya Ultima rest mentioned below, but the button is the original one that came with the bow.

A full list of included items:
SF Premium Riser Orange 25" RH
Shibuya Ultima Rest

SF Elite Fiber Foam Limbs Med 30#
Jed's 8125G String 68" (

Shibuya Aluminum Ultima - Recurve
Cartel Carbon Stabiliser 30"
Cartel RX 10 Bow Stand
Opechee Webbing Stringer
Decut Rugbii Tab RH Med
8 x Easton XX75 Arrow Single 1913 28"
SF Xelium Backpack (Grey)
Easton Bone Arm Guard (Grey Smoke)
Fivics Miracle 500 Quiver (Blue)
Arizona Gorilla Grip Arrow Puller
Fit6 Resistance Band X-HEAVY Level 4
FK Finger Sling

I'm asking for ?280, pickup.


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