Compound feeling with a Recurve


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This may sound weird.....!

I shot my first FITA at the weekend. Down to 50m I'd rather forget it! Bow arm all over the place.

At 30m I got my mojo back (I'm 37 handicap outdoors, 27 indoors), average arrow score just a tad under 9.

The feeling I found felt rock solid. Bow arm and sight did not waiver, anchor felt like hitting the back wall in compound, when I got through the clicker it felt like "boom" and my draw arm and fingers flew back uncontrollably (maybe unconsciously is a better description - felt like someone pulling my elbow back behind me with a piece of string). With every shot I said to myself, "get the compound feeling", and "boom" - happy face!

Does this sound right or totally wrong to people?

What do your good shots feel like as a "feeling" (not as a technical description I'm interested in an emotional description)?


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I totally get your 'back wall' feeling. A really solid anchor that just slots into place with no effort.


Feelings can be hard to describe at times. Sometimes all that matters is that YOU know how it feels and you know how to make the next shots feel the same way.
I shoot compound and it is possible to feel lazy at the end of each shot. Not good.
On good shots I feel "stronger " as the end approaches. Like I am working harder, but enjoying that. Invigorating not exhausting.


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Think you hit a solid anchor and kept the expansion going whilst maintaining focus on the target, letting your body shoot and not over complicating the shot.