Dissapointed with anodising on SF riser and sight :(


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So, put my new SF forged+ riser together for the first time, along with the SF premium carbon sight... Everything seems ok so far, but I cannot understand how the colours of two supposed red parts can be so different - the riser is proper red, the sight rather pink. Not a happy clash of colours. I know its not important, but, it is rather annoying that the sight looks so odd.

Has anyone else experience such variable quality in the anodising?



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Hi. The issue you're experiencing is the reason why I opted for a black SF Forged Plus riser and black sight. Consistency in colour matching is all over the place and even spending a fortune (which we all know is all too easy in this game!)is usually no guarantee. Although both items are SF branded,it doesn't mean they were made in the same factory,using the same pigmentation. If it's irritating you,perhaps the dealer would be prepared to help you out one way or another? :)


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Do the colours really matter that much? The riser is made by win & win, and the sight is probably made elsewhere. So they probably don't use the same colours.

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No, of course the colour doesn't matter in any significant way. On the other hand a lot of effort goes into the finish on all these risers, so somebody must care - there's surely no technical reason to even add paint or anodising...

Black is nice... but my OH picked the red :/