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5 out of 5 rating for Easton ACE Stabilisers

These rods have been around in one form or the other since the 1980s. Recently, the longrod had been modified with Easton's AVRS system to reduce vibration. The side rods and extender don't have this.

I honestly think these are the best all round stabilizers on the market today. Yes, the Fuse Carbon Blades are better in the wind; the ACEs are cheaper and easier to fit weights to. Yes the Easton X10 setup absorbs vibration better; the ACE setup is still cheaper and fells naer identical. Indeed, some all carbon rods such as the Fivics CEX-7s are good value and good quality, but they are not as durable or as stiff as the ACE setup.

My point is simple, at this price point there is nothing on the planet to match the ACE stabilizer system for all round performance.

I have shot these for 2 years now. The bow feels great, sounds great and shoots great. The lengths are a little hard to get your head around, as the selection is a bit confusing, 24, 29, and 34" for long rods, 8, 10, and 11" for side rods and 4 or 5" for extenders. These can be made to suit pretty much any archer through choice of weights and v-bar angles . The rods are extremely durable, and the black anodized finish on base and end caps looks really nice. They are also some of the stiffest stabilizers I have come across, and ensure the bow aims well.

I have only two niggles. One, the rods have nowhere to put an Allen key to tighten/loosen the rods or extender - a minor niggle, but can make removing an extender tricky. Two, the weights are not large diameter so they do add a fair bit of length to the stabiliser - this can be solved by buying weights from other manufacturers.

All together then, I am really pleased with my purchase and expect I will shoot these rods for a long time to come.