Easton adjustable uni-bar / V-Bar

Martin Heelis

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3 out of 5 rating for Easton adjustable uni-bar / V-Bar

The adjustable v-bar looks very nice indeed. It is also easy to use and matches up nicely with Easton stabilisers. Unfortunately, there are a few design issues that cause headaches: 1) the bolts could do with being bigger so that you can use a bigger allen key to apply more force when tightening them; 2) no plastic washer is supplied so the v-bar is prone to rotation; 3) the teethed discs are held in place by small plastic lugs which can sheer off if a stabiliser is knocked (as mine did). Overall - it works but expect to have to repeatedly adjust and tighten it.


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2 out of 5 rating for Easton adjustable uni-bar / V-Bar

I got around 6 months of use from this v-bar before it broke; I subsequently purchased a secondhand A&F v-bar that's still going strong after 18months.

The V-bar looks nice and the adjustment system is fairly simple. However, the use of plastic teeth is extremely problematic, I found the plastic broke after a while, and I was left with no way of tightening the bar securely. These plastic parts are replaceable but other than the spare provided in the box, I think it would be difficult to obtain any replacements. Even before the plastic sections broke, the V-bar was always rattling loose - the use of a rather small allen key to tighten the bolts meant it was all too easy to round off either your allen key or the bolt itself. You'll also struggle to find a single Easton sponsored shooter using one of these v-bars - they have a reputation for being unreliable.

On the plus side, the case the V-bar was provided in was of good quality and ,as I have mentioned before, some spare plastic teeth were included for the adjustment system.

For the price I struggle to see why you would choose this v-bar. If you were extremely careful and were not hoping to use lots of weight on your side rods then it could be OK, but for the vast majority something like the A&F or BeeStinger v-bars would be better. As I have said before, my secondhand A&F bar is still going strong, and I find it far more user friendly than any other v-bar I have tried.