Easton Pro Tour Backpack


I have the above backpack for my recurve setup.

My daughters recurve setup has now arrived but for now she doesn't have a bag (can wait until Christmas).

Just wondering if I can pop it into mine.

Currently it has two limb pockets I put mine in separate ones - is that right?

My riser is in it's own bag which then sits sort of loose in the bag (can't really go anywhere)

Just wondering if it is sensible to carry two bows in the one bag?


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I have the same backpack - plenty of room for two bows in there.

You are right to put each limb separately into the limb bag so for your your daughters bow wrap the limbs in a bit of bubble wrap yo prevent scrapes or scratches and drop them in with your limbs. Do the same for the riser, wrap it and pop it in the main body of the backpack.

Sight & string can go in the main body or the large front pocket, whichever you find best.

Her arrows can go with yours in the tube (if you have one inside).