English longbow to compound questions

Cho Ng

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I shoot elb at the moment but wanted to try compound so just wanted to know the main differences between the two types. I shoot 'instinctive' or whatever passes for that so is it possible to do this with a compound? Thanks!

Del the Cat

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Glenn StCharles wrote an interesting piece on this in his 'Billets to Bows'.
He is an avid believer in instinctive shooting, and initially couldn't get on with a compound, this was in the early days of compounds and they experimented until he found a set up that suited him, without too much let off.
He felt too much let off just confused his 'inner computer' and he instinctively shot too high as he felt he was shooting a much lower draw weight bow.
I thoroughly recomend the book as a good read, ostensibly it's about making bows but it has great tales of the early days of field and hunting in the USA and the development of the modern bow.
What I'm saying is tinker about to find what suits you, become your own expert.