Fastflight string on KG Osprey (or similar laminated wood bow)?


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Hi, does anyone have experience with using a fastflight string material on a laminated wood bow, specifically the KG Osprey?

I emailed KG and they said that although some people do use a fastflight string with this bow, they only recommend using Dacron strings.

Of course they are just being on the safe side, so I thought I would check up on other people's experiences before I went down that route.



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I'm going to take the risk and go for an 8125g string. I'll post up my experiences just in case someone has a similar query in the future.


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Yes, I bought the string immediately after I got the bow and its been great. It seems the nocks are reinforced well enough for fastflight strings.


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I shoot fast flight plus on my osprey carbon and its fine

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Del the Cat

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I think the whole "fastflight damages bows" is a myth.
I've had skinny fastflight type materials on a 70# self Yew longbow with self nocks with no problem.
I use Astroflite on all my bows which are mostly self bows or simple backed bows, boo/Yew hickory/Yew etc.
I've never had a problem, even shooting flight arrows from a 100# Elm warbow with a skinny string.