Fivics Five-X arrows


They can work, but I'm more interested in someone feedback to the fivics shaft. I think I'm going back to ace's btw.



Super fast service from fivics, I sent yesterday evening an email asking for the total lenght of this shaft, beiter outnock 5,2 will fit and with the ss point, will reach 34" of total lenght.
Really interesting, for my setup, a 400/350 spine will fit. Maybe the 350 is better.
Asked also on points, between 120 and 100 grain but it depends on bow tuning and setup.
Waiting the answer from my shop that actually don't have them on the website.

Here on the fivics catalogue, is possible to find the spine selector chart


310€ a dozen of shafts
35€ a dozen of ss points
270€ a dozen of tungsten points
19€ a dozen of pins

Little cheaper than x10.

Really interesting :unsure:


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Interesting to see how you get on. I don’t really see the attraction from the data. Much fatter than an x10 - at 400 spine range anyway - and a little heavier. So closer to the “heavy ACE” that Easton prototyped before going with the X10.

But then my X10s aren’t snapping behind the point :rolleyes:



Much fatter? 🤔

Five x 400
8.7 grain/inch
0.2112 od
0,001 straightness
+/- 1 grain tolerance

X10 350 that will fitt better than my actual 380
8.8 (380 is 8.9 🤔)
0.218 (380 is 0.213)
0,05 tolerance

Ace 370
+/- 0,5

Is actually thinner than a x-10 and at my draw lenght and poundage I will notice something on the sight at 90m maybe.

BTW in the weekend I trained at 90m and then, hitted the frame one time, with the 100gr point on the X10 nothing happened. I just think that the long weak tip of the shaft at my lenght will break easily with a heavy point. Someone know the spine at the tip of the X10 and not just at 29"?


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Your X10 and ACE calculations don’t seem take the barrel into account. The weights are specified as an average over 29”. The remaining 4” in your case are 6-7 grains per inch. The diameter is the same issue, on a 33” arrow you can’t ignore the huge benefit of the barrel. And when compared to a parallel shaft the point is also much smaller profile. Your measurements look to be at the widest point, not average over the full length.

FWIW the X10 325 and 350 were add ons to the range a few years back. I think they have higher quality carbon, hence the size jump seemingly going the wrong way between 380 and 350. There is a similar step in ACE, as I recall at 720/670.

In fairness I hadn’t noticed that the FIVICS chart was recommending less stiff spine numbers - so roughly a 500 FIVICS is a 450 X10 so that means I should have said a bit fatter and a bit heavier.

But if I was hitting the target frame often, I’d shoot something cheaper.



Actually arrows are the cheaper investment I have in archery, the big things come when i need to travel 2-3 days, take a 5 hours ferry to Finland or Sweden to compete.
I don't think cheaper arrow will help me.
Mistake come when I'm working on form and want to try early to shoot long distances, I'm just too hurry to shoot 🤪 in the same day in train I shoot 300+ at 90m with a 55

I will take some picture to compare sizes when I will get them home. 👍

Btw I know to don't be a pro shooter and changing shaft will increase points or else, but in my 4 years in training I have made some good result.
With my first bow, the first year 615 at 70m with acc
Second year with ace and second bow , 1250 at fita and 640 at 70m
Third year and third bow with x10, 660 at 70m after reaching those point we take a break and work on what I need to implement in form and movement, and that's where I shoot to frame, otherwise no problem.