For Sale: Flexifoil Kite!


The American
Fonz Awardee
American Shoot
I've not flown it for ages, it's gathering dust at the minute and I need the money. So, sadly and reluctantly my Flexifoil Super 10 is up for sale. It's Green and Blue, quite old but still in good condition. There's a rip in the gauze at one end, the only purpose of this gause is to stop debris getting into the kite. IT DOES NOT AFFECT HOW IT FLIES. I'll include the flexifoil line pack with it - this is the one with the idiotically high breaking strain dyneema strings and big padded handles (Yellow and Black). It all comes in it's original rip stop bag. Price? Make me an offer around ?100. Pictures available if interested.

In a stiff breeze, this kite is capable of lifting me off the ground - and i'm not exactly a fairy so to any potential purchasers - IT IS NOT A TOY AND SHOULD BE FLOWN WITH CAUTION IN A LIGHT BREEZE UNTIL ACCUSTOMED TO THE POWER.