Grant Womack - Hits GMB Score

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I know Grant won't want to blow his own trumpet, so I'll blow it for him. He has just shot a 1288 FITA, giving himself 4 PBs. 90m - 302, 70m - 322, 50m - 317 and 30m - 347.

Great shooting Grant.


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Fantastic, Grant!!!!! :thumbsup: :applause: :D
:cake::cake::cake::cake: (one for each PB!)


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That guy is such a good archer:beer: :beer: :beer:
Hopefully I'll get to congratulate him next week:)


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Well done Grant - an awesome achievement. To put this in perspective, my goal this year is to break 1200 with a compound and for most of us that takes some doing. 1288 with a recurve is something very special indeed. Respect!


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Well done Grant.

This was shot at the Meriden Fita Star in horrible conditions. Driving rain for one end, then calm, then sunshine, then wind, then rain. Repeat for the whole day.

12 points off the magic 1300.

I predict good things for you this year......

Thanks for the shorts!!