History of barreled shafts


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I've been outshooting recurve archers with my second hand compounds for years. :ROFLMAO:


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No geoffretired just plain old all carbons. The lighter the better, cuts down on distance judging errors.
Having now re skimmed the article I was surprised to see that the compound was only putting out 200fps so Lord knows why that was chosen. Even at my DL of 27 and with an old Mathews Drenalin LD I was getting 275 ish. A few higher DL guys I know who have clocked their bows are having to rein them in to get <300. I'm assuming GNAS don't have the speed restriction so lord knows what a full fat speed bow could put out at 32 DL.
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... Nano Pro's and X-Treme, unlike an aluminium tube do not over time take a set, are stronger and you can buy replacements in singles. So why do we shoot Easton A/C shafts in the UK - because most of us have no choice.
I think that's the most important point here. We had our own dedicated field until last year. I shot C1s almost exclusively. I still think they are the best value arrow shaft on the market. Easy to shoot GMB scores with. I also had a set of Protours. They did not out perform the C1s even at sub 10 H/Cs. Maybe at 1400 FITAs they might have had an edge but I wasn't quite there. But there are far more Protours out there than there needs to be.
I now shoot ACEs because I get point on gold at 90m barebow and the new club and some tournaments do not permit all carbons. However, at RS tournaments I still use C1s at 50m and 30m.