How best to go about fitting new cables and string on my compound.


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Got the string and cables, Winners Choice X8190. Got the Kaya bow press, Beiter string tools. Got the peep, new cable slide, new D-loop, mini serving tool and serving, speed buttons and a kisser. I have a length of plywood with the axle positions, D-loop position, speed buttons all marked. Photographed Upper and lower cams, right/left view. Cable slide for reference. Measured bracing height. Marked cams where the cables pass over. What else do I need, and in what order do I do it? Elite XLR 2010, Cuda cams.


When you did the marks was this with a good string with your bow in correct tune or a worn string and unknown how good the tune was.

As if it was not in good tune or unknown it might be better to start from scratch and return the bow to Hoyt factory specs (remember ATA and brace height stated with limbs fully wound in) then put the d loop on once you have the correct nock point marked.

Otherwise you could end up starting with new strings on a badly tuned bow and it may take you ages to fix it or have to start from scratch anyway once you discover it does not shoot well.

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I like Moose's idea re the quality of the set up as it is.
If it is close to spec, I would work to a pattern.
My pattern is to press the bow, fit the new string, and unpress the bow. That should leave the cams in time with each other, if they were right in the first place. I would then adjust the string to get the same draw length as before.
Next, press and replace one cable; making sure the cable crosses the other on the same side as before Unpress and check the timing by adjusting the new cable.
Press and replace the other cable, again checking that it passes over or under the first cable as it should. Unpress and check timing by adjusting that last cable.


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Good points, nice and methodical. I will wind the limbs up to max, take measurements, then let the limbs down after the string and cable changes. The limb bolts have their positions marked at the moment. The bow is an Elite XLR and is shooting really well, however the string is fraying in the contact area around my mouth (full beard) and one cable is worn by the cable slide. Hence the new SIMs cable slide. I thought I better sort it before it got worse. I shall serve the new string to prevent wear around the mouth.

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As Wingate_52 said it is an Elite, not a Hoyt.

I would definitely suggest working on one at a time. When I was dealing with my XLR I tended to start on the cables, one at a time. Since the whole po9int with the Binary cam is that they are symmetrical that change either first. Shoot enough shots that you feel there is no change. Should not be many on Winners Choice strings.

One thing you don't mention and I would say is really useful if you can set one up is a draw board. If you want some pics of what I built I can email them. The nice thing with a draw board (particularly if you put a turnbuckle in the cable is you have very fine tuning capbility of drawing til the stops are just touching the cables. That way you can check top and bottom tough at the same time. Otherwise you are retricted to getting someone to watch as you draw it. The turnbuckle is fantastic. Anyway. Make sure that both cams are in perfect synchronization.

Now change the other cable and put some shots through. Now only adjust the second cable until both cams are back in perfect synch.

Now change the string and get some shots through until it has settled and then twist up/down until the draw length is spot on.

There is a useful chart on the Elite web site about what you need to do if you are looking to change the ATA and-or draw length. By playing with these and trading them off you can get the peak in the DFC slightly earlier or later to change the feel. If you can't find it let me know and I have a copy somewhere.


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New cables and slide fitted and back to spec. Shot 60 arrows to seat and break in the cables, Do they stretch? I have more confidence about replacing the string and adjusting it . I will shoot the string in and then fit the peep sight. The Kaya bowpress is a great tool. The packaging and manufacture of the Winners Choice String set is amazing and fills me with confidence for their use.


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String on today. String off, gave it 5 turns. String on, String off, 10 turns the other way, followed by 2 more. Perfect. Limbs wound down half a turn from max. Kisser button, nocking points and d-loop on. Went off to shoot the string in. No peep fitted, did not bother with shooting frames. A bit blurred at 20 yards. 72 arrows in the gold on a Portsmouth target. It must get better with the lens and peep sight. So far so good. Will press the peep in tomorrow and serve it in. Then the great outdoors for some new sight marks if needed.