[RECURVE] How do you use dampers and weights?



I found really useful Crhis Hill tutorial to find out the most silence and stable setting
I also use fiberbow s3
I saw this video about a year ago and set my recurve stabs up using it. It really does work and my bow is a lot quieter with less vibration in the limbs.


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We have a couple of archers who have suffered long term elbow and shoulder issues after extended shooting sessions or shooting back to back days and it wasn’t until I watched this I realised none of them have dampers fitted to any of their rods.

Time for some rummaging in the club kit boxes and applying the science this weekend.



It should be seen by all coach to prevent pain in shoulder and prevent damage on limbs and other materials.
I was close to give up to find the right way to have a quieter bow, and I found this video.
Wheb I bought my new s3 fiberbow they told me to just have one weight after the damper and all the rest between rod and damper. That was wrong... And I shoot like that 2 and half years..


If the bow is on the sling and not gripped in the hand, does the archer suffer as much as it would seem from that video?