[Horsebow] How to look after my Grozer horsebow


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I seem to have procured a secondhand Grozer biocomposite Assyrian bow. It is a lovely looking bit of kit. I am just wondering if there is anything special I need to do to look after it? I know I need to keep it out of the rain and to store it in a cool environment unstrung and lying flat - is there anything else like waxing it at all?

Also, I have the feeling that the previous owner may have been a heavy smoker - based on the not-so-delightful tobacco scent that the bow has. Is there anything I can do to make it smell a little less like an ashtray??? :vomit: Is there a way to clean it without damaging the horn/sinew parts and could I use some beeswax on it?

Thanks in advance


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I have two Grozer assyrian bows, and of all the horsebows I own, they are my favorites. I've shot them in the wet and the dry, hot and cold weather, and I have never had to do anything other than give them a wipe with a damp cloth, followed by a quick rub with a duster. I do find that the serving needs to be waxed fairly often, as the steep angle of the drawn string will wear it quite quickly.


Hmmmm. I was always told not to wax serving. What do others do?