[Horsebow] Hungarian Horsebow - best place to buy and glass fibre limbs or wood/horn limbs


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Yeah I was thinking skinny carbons myself! Yeah the bamboo's look great leaving the bow, fast and nice and straight too, not seen how they perform in wind or at distance yet though so that info would be useful, but I'm mainly going to be shooting in the barebow category so ill be using carbons on actual shoots, just wanted some bamboo's to practise with (and be traditional as possible lol)

Yeah I thought about how it gets its speed, and when I was looking close the bow looks skinny so the limbs are lightweight meaning they recoil faster, so a smaller diameter arrow with a lightweight construction will be preferred!

What I was going to ask aswell was, the knocking point on the string for your arrow, if ur shooting thumb draw does it have to be higher than if ur shooting med for any reason? Or is it just set like that because it has asymmetric limbs?



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Iggybod. You're a really bad bad person!

Here was me... yesterday... contemplating which new sight to get for my recurve given my current sight is pretty much the devil's work. When you come along, with your stupid Kaya Idea. I had a nice Dual Click lined up for a shopping spree. Had being the operative word.
Now you have me looking at a horse bow instead! A bloody kaya KTB horse bow. how on earth is this going to help my shooting?

Anyhow, it's decided. ?150 is better spent on a horse bow than a recurve sight.

So here is what I would like to find out. And seeing as you're the one that has caused this issue, I think it's only fair you help out :cheerful:
I shoot a 40lb recurve, and have some matched carbons to go along with this.

It would save a lot of money and time if I could shoot the same arrows on the recurve as the horse bow. Is this possible? or would I need different flights?

And another question, (I may as well get my moneys worth) do most people move up weight when they go from recurve to horse bow? Looking at the chart of which poundage Kaya bow I could get, 40lb is close to the bottom of the scale. Should I be going heavier?


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Ill answer for know, with the best of my knowledge lol

I'm going up in my draw weight when I buy my ktb because I want to increase my muscle strength to help me with my recurve, I know you can do this other ways but this is the way I wanted to do it, I can draw my recurve which is 44# @31" and hold it but after an hour I struggle with the holding for more than a few seconds even though I can hold it for a long period of time initially to make my shots, the reason I haven't gone up in recurve poundage is because you need to be able to hold the bow at full draw for approx 10s while ur aiming etc when doing target (as u may know if you do it) so ur poundage can't be too high or else you'll have a jerky release which in turn loses accuracy!

So how I look at it if I buy a traditional style bow with a higher poundage that I can shoot fluently whilst not holding the weight for as long, I can improve and strengthen my shooting muscles without buying another recurve, but that's my personal reason for getting a higher poundage, you should really get one that's comfortable to shoot for you, if u listen to some horse bow archers they tell you that some bows draw up that smooth they feel like they're pulling less weight which may be another reason for higher poundages!

With the arrows it's better to match arrows to your bow as this is very much hit and miss even with charts, mainly because of different bows and limbs are made in different ways with different materials so the speed/power of bow limbs may vary so its difficult to spine an arrow to a bow perfectly without trying them, plus with archers paradox it's more hit and miss than a centre shot bow because the thickness of the handle has some part to play in it aswell as poundage and limbs speed!

So my advice is pick a poundage that's right for you and your abilities.
if you want to try the arrows out you have for the bow, consider the paradox before picking the poundage of the bow but ultimately you'll be lucky if it matches! Plus if ur arrows are spined for a 40# centre shot recurve then u'll probably have to go up in poundage 5-10lbs because of the paradox, unless u get a bow with an arrow shelf.

This is my opinion and my view, some others with more experience and knowledge may be able to help more :)