Identifying the Weight of Easton One-Piece Parabolic Points ACC


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Hi All,

I have a couple of set of ACCs (3-04 and 3L-18) and I am struggling to get a sight mark for 100 yrds (pulling apx 40lb OTF with 28inch shafts).

I can't afford ACEs, so I am considering trying to lighten the arrows by swapping the points.

My questions are:

1) How do I identify what weight the points I already have are (both sets of arrows were bought on ebay).

I understand that the heavier points are marked with 2 or 3 rings at the base, and I have found this image via google. But it is not much help as the resolutions is low and the weights are not given.

Nibb Point.jpg

Can anyone help? If I knew the length of each weight that would be ideal.

2) Is a reduction in point weight going to make much difference at 100 yards. Currently I am having to aim about 140 cm above the gold to hit the gold (or more likely the red, blue, black,..). I did increase my draw weight by tightening the limb bolts, which helped with the sight mark, but I could feel my form going, so I deceased it again. I can usually only find time to shoot once a week so pushing up the draw weights is a slow process.



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Why not just go buy a grain scale? If you can find arrows on ebay, you can find a grain scale

40# is plenty for 90M - the issue is likely your anchor point, not your arrow or bow weight.


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Point weight won't do it, eye to arrow distance is probably the issue. Use of a platform tab with adjustable shelf will probably help.

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Have you tried moving the sight closer to you or even reversing it so it sits between the bow and the string? (not too close or the string will hit it)


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I have some 60 grain and 70 grain ACC -04 points, the 60's have no goove, and the 70's one groove.
No idea what the 50, 80 or 100 grain ones look like.
Are you using light weight, low drag vanes like spin wings ?
I'm hoping to reach 100 yds with a lot less than 40#.


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Point weight won't do it, eye to arrow distance is probably the issue.
Thanks Tuck, I might see if I can get a chin extension. I bet Jimmy Hill can get to 100 yrds no problem! Or maybe I could use a periscope.

Failing that I'll try reversing my sight, instead of just bringing it all the way in.

I don't fancy changing my anchor point as that sounds like a big change to assimilate into my form.