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Amateur Barbarian

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I have not been on this forum for quite a few years. A couple of requests for test data on HEX limbs brought me back. Unfortunately, Photobucket changing their policy toward linking pictures to forums resulted in the charts in my testing threads to disappear. I have extracted some HEX charts from my database into a pdf file that I have sent to folks on request. I am hoping to collect a lot of the discussion content and combine it back with my charts and eventually post on a website. In the meantime it is great to see how Border is continuing to push the edge of the envelop with their designs. The HEX8 data that I have acquired is remarkable. I keep asking myself when the super recurve design will reach its limit, but it just keeps moving forward at an ever increasing rate. I am currently shooting 27 pound HEX6 limbs on a 27 inch riser. It is a monster 74 inch stringwalking bow. The bow is setup for FITA field and provides me with excellent sight points all the way out to 50 meters. That is pretty amazing for a bow that measures just 32.5 pounds at my 32 inch draw length. I have shot many of the HEX models, and frankly, they are excellent. Even the older models continue to excel against other companies limbs on the market today. The real joy of HEX limbs is the journey. I feel fortunate to have been able to see the evolution from an analytical perspective, as well as shooting in competition. I cannot imagine what is coming next.

DK Lieu

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It's good to have you back. I've been away from this forum for a while too. I agree that the HEX limbs are quite remarkable. Since I shoot an Olympic setup, I think I'm a bit more conservative about moving too far from the conventional geometries. I'm still shooting HEX 6.5, and the boys in Scotland are moving the technology faster that I can keep up. I'm getting close to retirement, after which I'll probably have more time to play with this stuff. I did have a chance to play with the CV limbs for a while, which I also quite liked. In fact, speed-wise, the CV's out-performed all the conventional geometry limbs that I tested from the major manufacturers. In the end though, I went back to my HEX 6.5, as those limbs just felt a lot better on the draw. The CV's are now my back-up limbs.