KAP Winstorm II Limbs vs SF Elite (Orange) Fibre Foam


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+1 on the Winstorm II, just picked up a set for ?80 to use as training limbs.

Really nice and smooth for the price, my draw is an inch over at 29", draw smoothly all the way.

Don't think you will go far wrong with either in this price range.


Likewise I have the KAP Winstorm 2 but I've never tried the SF Elite limbs, sorry. They are both fairly well reviewed and I suspect made in the same W&W Chinese factory. I use an SF Forged+ riser. Considering the price and their weight, I am skeptical about how much carbon is in them, but for my level etc. they are perfectly good for a set of cheap limbs. The draw is smooth and progressive IMO, and I dare say you could do worse for the money.


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I use the SF elite foam limbs. Tried a few different limbs at the time. The winstorm 2, SF elites foam and SF elite carbon. Out of the winstorm and SF elite foam I found the Winstorm slightly tougher to pull at 31", but this was negligible with my limited experience. In the end I chose the SF limbs as they felt smoother at a the higher draw weight I wanted. I would say it's better to shoot the limbs if you can, it's ok to ask for advice but what feels ok to me may not for you.


I shot both only on lower poundage up to 32#. I prefer KAP. But as McMonty said if you have chance try it. To me KAPs feel crisper and quicker. I also prefer carbon over fiber glass in ILF limbs. But you may not be looking for same.
Hi again, used the kap limbs in 38lb quite a lot now. Much crisper than my old fibreglass/wood limbs. Seem a bit "twangy" which most recurve limbs seem to be? Re fitted some old limbsaver dampers on and much improved. Don't care if they rob a bit of speed, happier if the bow feels smoother/ quiet.
For the money they feel good. I went up four pounds but seem ok for me. Trued bare shaft tunning yesterday and whacked a couple of nocks. Very pleased, apart from expense!

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