KG Falcon - thoughts?

I shot my new Osprey for the first time today and I love it. It was indoors over 20 yards at a 60cm face. I'll be shooting it in the woods later this week.
Believe it or not my first arrow went into the gold and I thought " Keep them there". Alas not all the following arrows went to the same bed but I rarely went outside the red just the odd bad release etc. I was shooting my XX75 ali's so not too sure if they are perfectly matched to the bow but they seemed to shoot well for my first time with this bow.
The bow felt very smooth to draw at 38lb and although I had initial concerns about the low, longbow type grip once I started shooting I forgot all about that. The arrows flew with a fairly flat trajectory but of course over 20 yards that is to be expected. As to the handshock that some have voiced concerns about I felt none whatsoever and neither did the other six members who shot it.
I had a lot of members admiring the bow and asking to shoot it and they all said what a lovely bow it is.
When the bow arrived it did not have the string silencers so I rang KG and they were very apologetic and offered to send some to me post haste but I'm not too bothered about that as i told them that I usually make my own with wool and that's what I did. The bow is practically silent.
I really love this bow and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it but of course, as with any bow I would say shoot one first.
The only other thing worth mentioning is that KG send a leather shelf cover with two small pieces of leather lace that fit under the rest and upright part to improve clearance. There is a video on their website showing how these fit. I did fit them but found that I was shooting left at first so I removed the lace from under the upright part of the rest. (I'm sure there is a better name for it than "upright part" but you know what I mean).
Once removed the arrows flew as straight as an.......arrow?
The window is cut to centre so I think that the closer to centre you can get the arrow the more forgiving the bow is to spine differences.
So it is smooth, quiet and silent. A pleasure to shoot with no hand shock and I'm well chuffed with it.
Anyway that's my lot.
Happy shooting.


Excellent thanks for that Graham - glad you are getting on with it well and it's living up to expectation. A big part of me is considering sticking with the Osprey as it really offers something different to the recurve, which is what I was originally after, and it strikes me that it's going to be a lot easier to get hold of an Osprey to try (well, I already have...) than a Falcon without actually going down to KG.

Oh and if I'd got the first one in the gold I'd have gone home (in fact I have done, well, to the pub 🍺), although I suppose I might stick around if it was a brand new bow...

Thanks for your response Andy. Obviously Sunday was my first shoot with the bow and I'm sure that I will get better once I sort out the brace height and nock points.
The recommended brace height is 8 to 8.75 inches from the back of the bow, ie the side furthest away from you. I've never known a bow that measures brace height like that instead of from the belly of the bow but hey ho.
I just put the string straight on and left it where it was at 8 inches. Since finishing on Sunday I've increased the BH to 8 and a quarter and slightly raised the nocking point so I'll see how it shoots like that on Wednesday at the wood.
I know what you mean about the first arrow in the gold, I was tempted to leave it there and count it in each end.;)
One of the reasons I first fancied the Osprey was because it was so different from anything else and so far I love it. It certainly is an eye catcher. I'm sure if you pop up to Washington they will let you shoot it again. I did mention you when I shot and they knew you so they know that you recommended me.


Sounds good, and will only get better the more familiar you get and with a bit of fettling you'll get it shooting how you want it.
Not sure I'll get the chance to go over there before Christmas, but I might just put an order in anyway and at least dash over and pick it up, so I'll have something to look forward to playing with over Christmas/New year. Nobody does Christmas gifts for me quite like I do ;)

I shot it at the woods yesterday ( Wednesday) and the increase in BH and nock point worked well. I didn't hit one tree:D and the arrows went in the area I was shooting at.
I'll fiddle with it a bit more yet until I get as close to perfect as I can. I really enjoyed shooting in the woods with it, much better than at a constant 20 yards indoors. The guy I was shooting with kept saying what a beautiful bow it was and that I should put it above my mantlepiece lol.
Unfortunately he's left handed otherwise I'd have let him shoot it.
I thoroughly recommend it and as you say, it is Christmas soon so why not treat yourself.
I don't know if I mentioned it before but I originally ordered the gloss finish but changed it to the satin. I'm glad I did, I think it looks much nicer, still clear glass though.