kit to take with you to a comp


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as a newby i am interested in what kit to start looking out for reguading comp shoots , bow arrows i get but what kit to get you though out the days shoot ?


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if its cold take hand warmers and a flask for warm drink. if its warm take bottle of water.
spare rest in case it breaks, along with spare tab

grimsby archer

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and a spare, well shot in string if you've got one.

folding chair to take the weight off your legs between ends,

shelter eg pop bivvy, fishing brolly or 6 man dome tent, to keep you dry in the wet, warm in the cold or give shade in the hot sun.

good set of lightweight waterproof clothing.

British weather can play havoc with your shooting, so anything you can do to make yourself more comfortable will be a bonus.

Dont forget to practise putting your brolly up, or getting in and out of your pop-bivvy when you're shooting, so it doesnt look like the first time you've done it

and practise in your wet weather gear also. you'd be surprised how many archers put their wet weather gear on for the first time in a comp, to discover they've not got enough expansion room, or it gets too hot too quick.

Phil Reay

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something to eat is always good, especially if it's going to be all day. i've been to shoots where it was so wet it was a case of another set of clothes. It seems a lot to take but it all comes in handy. don't forget that if you are away at a competition, you can't just pop home if you've forgotten something so take EVERYTHING


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hello I've just finished my 1st year of shooting I've ended up with great coaches and a chance to make Scotland squad when I started shooting my first competition bow was a Hoyt rampage xt a sureloc challenger sight a cartel scope with .75lense Easton stabilizers and a mac v4 release regarding getting you through the day warm clothes irnbru mars bars and a damn good laugh you can have the best equipment in the world be the best in the world but you must remember to have a good time its always gotten me and my coach through the days


My summer kit:

Chair, beach umbrella
Soft chilly bin with ice packs, lunch & multiple drink bottles
Sun lotion & sun block stick, hat, insect repellant, couple of small towels
Normal shooting tool box with spares, glue etc
White athletic tape, sticking plasters & small scissors - the tape in particular is very handy for all sorts of things.
Oh - and jelly beans :)


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I have made many new friends by stocking my car with extra umbrellas. Also, you should keep various plastic bags for trash and to keep things dry

And there's nothing quite as nasty as having to drive home after a rainy day of shooting with wet shoes and socks. Dry spares of these are always a good idea.

And it doesn't hurt to keep a spare roll of toilet paper. Just in case.


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I see a few people have mentioned jelly beans, jelly babies etc... I am all set for a competition for tomorrow. Before going to a shoot, i like to nip into a certain shop and getting Percy Pigs. I have a couple of bags with me for this weekends comp :)