Wanted Left hand compound bow wanted


I?m looking for a compound bow that I can use for Field archery.
DL around 29?
DW around 50lbs
Ideally with a multipin sight.

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A mate of mine has got a mint LH conquest 4 for sale at 29DL. I will send you a pm. I think he's dropped it to ?250 ( nutter ).



i just bought one of these second hand, am rather impressed

they come with a 5 pin sight, shoot through, which you can either shoot it with eh cable to the right ( i shot mine that way today) or swap the cams over to make it truly left handed

mine looks to be about half way wound out, and i measured the peak at 53 lbs

oh yeah forgot to mention, i contacted hobbyking to ask abotu postage ( they are in singapore) and they send me details (this was last thursday) and the then had ( and may still) a special promo with DHL that was offering FREE postage

at my reckoning, the customs fee ( if one gets charged) will be about ?40