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The best wrist release aid I know of.
Short distance to the d-loop comfortable strap, precise but firm to lock and variable pressure on the trigger.
It’s simple but it just works; every time.


Wrist strap release aids were the only things available when I started with a compound. They are so "logical" that learning to use one is just about effortless.The draw hand is almost in the same position that the hand would adopt when the finger pinch method of shooting is used. We all used that method as kids when we knew nothing about archery; so the wrist strap just felt like a step up; not a big change.
There can be a tendency to use the trigger as if shooting a rifle; only moving the index finger and nothing else. With no instruction from anyone, as we were all new to compounds at that time, that sort of triggering lead to a loss of tension just as the shot was about to go off.
I wish I had been warned about that 30 years ago.