Limbsavers dampeners on an Olympic recurve?


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I'm shooting an olympic recurve, often in my apartment at night due to my job. The walls are thin between my flat and my neighbours and they have kindly alerted me that they can hear me shooting. I am certain that most of the sound comes from my bow and not the arrow hitting the foam target.

My questions are:

1) Do the limb dampeners such as the limbsavers work on recurves?
2) Do they reduce the noise of the bow itself?
3) How to I install them?
4) Any disadvantages?

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Arrow impact will be louder than the bow in the majority of cases, limbsaver dampers do work on recurve bows, they will quieten your bow down, they are stuck with self adhesive tape to your limbs, usually where the limb fade out would be, that's approximately 3-4" above the dovetail, and can be mounted on either the inside or outside face of the limb, they will eventually deteriorate and break off when you least expect them to, they can hide some tuning issues that are detectable by the sound of your bow


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Arrow impact is much louder to anyone outside the room, my neighbours tell me anyway :).

There isn't an awful lot you can do to reduce the sound really, though I think that the Danage type foam might be quieter than other types of boss.

I just worked out with the neighbours when I should avoid shooting as one of them works shifts so it varies from week to week. Generally as long as I avoid the times when people are sleeping or the "Eastender hours" there are no issues.


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Thanks for the replies.

I've meddled with the brace height and managed to get the slapping sound down. Now I hear the arrow! Thanks for pointing out that the impact sound should be louder than the bow itself!

My job means that I reach home after 10pm everyday and my neighbor is an elderly lady so she is usually asleep by then.

I will try the limb savers and see if it makes any difference. I have tried to reduce the noise of impact but am failing miserably at it!