Marksman KG1 made 1982


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Would anyine hapoen to know what type(s) of rubber and adhesive would be suitable for repairing the lining in the limb pockets on an old KG1?

I recently purchased a bow that is good condition but the rubber in the limb pockets has not aged well and would easily crumble if the bow was built and taken down a dozen times.



I had a KG1 1982. The lining was almost the same material as the cheap tabs that are available today. They have a shiny black surface with a rubbery backing that seems to have a woven fabric stuck into it.
I would guess that imitation leather would be as good as anything. Keith Gascoigne( KG archery) is still working, so he might be able to help.
Contact adhesive would be best.


Just had a look at what I've got:
2x Portland, that preceded the KG1 with same limbs/fitting - both have what appears to be reddish-brown leather;
1x KG1 - has what appears to be black leather/leatherette
1x KG1 - has what appears to be black rubber.

Comparing against bows of similar era, I would suggest leather/leatherette or green baize (esp. with Borders) were more common
....rubber coming sometime later.

I would suggest any material of say 1/32"-1/16" thickness that pads/cushions the limb-pocket interface would do
as long as it has some weather resistance & non-perishability e.g. a piece of lasagne wouldn't do! ;-)

Bike tyre innertube.

Glue - yes contact adhesive - it can be rubbed-off fairly easily if need to replace
....or even double-sided tape.


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Thanks you very much for the replies. The original lining looks to be a type of rubber so I will try and replace it with something similar. I would say the sheets suggested by jonUK76 would be suitable and fairly inexpensive, just need to research the properties of different types.

Once again thank you all for taking the time to replay with sone advice. Really helpful to get some more input and opinions.