[Horsebow] Massive end loops


Can somebody tell me why my clubmate's Kaya Windfighter comes with huge loops on the string?

I can see the way the string lies but can't understand the benefit of the big loops. Unless they somehow help keep the string central?

Del the Cat

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Yes it slightly helps to keep the string central, but if you draw a line from the string bridges to the nocks the big loops are needed to run alongside the Siyahs in a straight line (if the Siyahs are angled with a lot of recurve)
Without the big loops you'd need a deep groove along the belly of the Siyahs and the string would sit in that but would be in a curve (bit like on a modern recurve). With a modern recurve the wide tips mean that even if the string comes out of the groove a bit it will still be on the belly of the limb.
With a narrow Siyah, if the string pops off the side the whole bow could go 'over centre' and pop the string off.
It's all just the geometry of the Siyahs.


Cheers Del. That makes sense. I volunteered to make a spare for him. Unfortunately, despite deciding to keep the original loop size, I still miscalculated. Oh well, it's a 1/4lb spool and only a short string.