[American Flatbow] Matching arrows to bows


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Hi guys, I've recently had the good fortune to pick up a Jack Belcher Union Jack AFB. It's 48lb @ 28. I've been shooting a 40lb ELB and I'm pretty sure that my current 30lb pine woodies won't be up to the job.
I want to continue shooting woodies, what would people suggest? POC @ 55lbs?
Thanks in advance -Pete.

Del the Cat

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Yeah, I'd say probably 45-50 or 50-55
Is it all wood or does it have glass/carbon in it? If it's wood go for the lower, if glass, go for the higher.
Of course it depends on how you shoot, brace height and a load of other stuff. But You are right the 30 pine will be to floppy for itand could well be whipping and breaking at the slightest provocation.


Go to the Longbow shop site, select wooden arrow shafts and at the end of each description is two tables for poundage. one for ELB and one for AFB.



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Cheers guys - many thanks for the advice. The Longbow Shop sounds like a good idea 😊