Metal work Parts list


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Since we now make our own metal work in house that meets our needs we can offer them to bow makers, and those that want spare parts.

Lists are as follows and will grow over time.

ILF Dovtail Limb bolts (this includes all parts, spring, screw, nipple, and main body)
?11 a pair

Oversize ILF Dovetail limb bolts ( available in 11.05mm, to 11.25mm in 0.05mm increments)
?19 a pair (can be different sizes)

ILF Riser Kit, (limb adjustment bolt, limb top cap, Brass riser bush, and locking grub screw, ILF Aluminum Dovetail slot, and ILF dovetail Limb bolt, as a full set for riser makers) ?45

Black douglas Style bolted limb kit.
(nylon limb cap/pin, allen bolt to attach limbs, Brass bush to fit in riser, Hardened limb locating pin, and limb lin slot) ?35

DAS Limb bushes to convert ILF limbs to DAS riser fit limbs, ?9 pair

DAS Limb bushes to convert Border ILF limbs to DAS riser fit limbs ?9 pair

Button Bushes to fit Plunger buttons to risers, ?4 (5/16 UNC)

Stabiliser bush Aluminuim ?11 ( 5/16 UNC thread)

Quiver or Sight inserts ?7 pair (M4 thread)


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I am making a take down bow and want to make the limbs with ILF parts. Are these still for sale?
yes they are, and we are clawing our way through a back log of emails. We are currently two emails off answering yours, as we try and handle conversation by conversation promptly before starting another.
Once dialogue is started then priority goes to that email this allows better tracking and flow once we get to answereing one persons emails. the down side is that people at the top of the list feel like we are not answering them straight away. but once we get to them, they have our attention untill the conversation has come to a conclusion

So we should have answered you by tomorrow.

Darth Tom

Are you able to make Hoyt Axis limb fittings? If not, would you be able to if supplied with an existing set to use as a model?