Minimum arrow length


I'm currently shooting 620 ACC Arrows.

The length of the arrow from the tip of the point to the groove in the nock is 30.25" The AMO length of the arrow is approx: 29.75"

My current setup seems to be working, and I was able to tune the bow well. I have a set of 500 spine arrows which are a bit on the stiff side, but are tuneable, and I have a set of 700 spine arrows which are too weak.

I am however near the end of the clicker plate. The current position is about 14mm beyond the end of the riser.

I'm now looking at buying some ACE or X10 arrows for the outdoor season.

I've seen some 620 ACE arrows at a reasonable price but they are 28" AMO. I initially dismissed them due to the fact that they were 1.75" too short. However I then realise that the points are nearly double the length of the ACC points. This means that the arrow is just under 1.25" shorter than current.

My gut feeling says that is too short. It puts the arrow well inside the edge of the riser - somewhere on the outer edge of the 2nd button hole (presume it's a button hole - no idea why there is a second hole in the riser to be honest!). This means there is only about 6-7mm of safety behind that before the arrow would start to fall behind the rest arm.

In reality I've already decided that it is too short, so what I really want to know now is, what would the minimum length of arrow be? Should I use the edge of the riser as a guide to the minimum length?

Does that sound correct?


If you're selecting arrows and want to work from the Easton charts, then the "correct" arrow length is with the shaft overhanging the rest by one inch. Note that's the shaft, not the point. Some of the longer points are nearly an inch long, so would put the total length about 2 inches past the point of contact with the rest.


I would say the minimum arrow length is one where the shaft hangs over the rest by about a centimetre and you measure including the nock groove - it's easy enough to work out using your current arrows and clicker position.

You generally ignore the point when looking at arrow length (with the exception of making sure you have enough space for your clicker setup).