[Warbow] New Heritage Warbow


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I received my new warbow from Lee at Heritage Longbows today, so I thought I would post a review. I shall preface this by saying I am new to warbows but not to archery, and I own several recurves and compounds.

First the specs: The bow is 74" from nock to nock, and is a tri-lam made of a maple back, purpleheart core, and ipe belly. It is 117 lbs at 32".

The bow is very well put together. Smooth and well tapered down to the horn nocks, which are themselves pretty smoothly fitted to the stave. The lams seem very well put together and I can't feel any joints or glue lines. There is a nice round circular arrow pass, and Lee was kind enough to let me name the bow after my wife. All in all a nice looking bow that feels good in the hand.

Shooting impressions: After warming up, I launched some arrows that Lee made for me, and a variety of others I had procured from other suppliers ranging in weight from 900 up to about 1200 grains. I have some from a company called The Cloth of Gold which the bow just seemed to love, but over all it did well with most of what I fed it. The longest arrows I shot were 32" from nock to the shoulder of the bodkin, since that was the max draw listed on the bow. I was able to get the bow to full draw after following Lee's suggested cycle of half and three quarter draws to allow the timbers to settle. The bow drew very smoothly and did not seem to stack. Hand shock was pretty much a non-issue and I thoroughly enjoyed shooting it. :)

Service: As I mentioned, I am new to warbows and as such I plagued Lee with quite a few questions. He met them with patience and courtesy, and sent me precisely the bow I ordered. He is responsive to emails, easy to deal with, and I can happily recommend his service.

In summation, a well made bow which is fun to shoot and a darn decent fellow to deal with.