Northen Counties Archery Society


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I've just spent a most enjoyable day with Norton Archers who were hosting this years NCAS Regional Senior Championships. I was fortunate to be alloted the last available place on the shooting line. I was made most welcome, being greeted by bacon butties, tea and the ubiquitous raffle tickets (with which I won a bottle of champagne).
I didn't need my tent as I was offered space in one already pitched. The day grew progressively more windy and unfortunately in the afternoon shooting had to be stopped after the first dozen at 80yds for reasons of safety.
We retired to the clubhouse (with bar) to applaud the many trophies awarded.

Well done Norton Archers - it was I believe the first time that you have hosted a tournament of this size. It was certainly worth the 125mile round trip!


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it was a great weekend lots of fun and chit chat
even my dog enjoyed patroling the range overnight to make sure nothing happened to the line tents and bosses
it was just a shame the wind picked up on day 2

a big well done to all the winners and non winners alike
a big pat on the back to norton archers for hosting it and all the work they put into it