now heres a thing I hadnt noticed

Borrowed some arrows to try put with my compound bow and I noticed they were fleched so the cock vane sat upright rather than to the side as for recurve bows.
Now this makes perfect sense and I kick myself for not noticing mine were "wrong" but here'e the question.
Has anyone noticed a difference between the 2 fletching styles when the fletches dont touch the arrow rest anyway?


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If there is no contact from any of the fletchings it will not make any difference. I've used a few different rests and as long as I had good clearance I had no arrow flight issues.


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Used a set of recurve fletched arrows on a Hoyt Rukus to set it up and absolutely shredded the fletchings off them - not the end of the world but if I was shooting it regularly I’d tweak the nocks or refletch them.



Yep agree with Chuff. Mine are cock vane up (SS2 trophy taker), my sons are down (prong type test).