OMG, Ebay again


... absolutely dumbfounded! It always staggers me what people will waste their money on! That pink sofa makes my eye's bleed! ;-)


The seller is based very near me. Maybe I should take a look.

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I did send him a message telling him of the dangers, weak arrows, limb bolts etc and fair play to the guy he has added to the description that the arrows were not suitable and the limb bolts are now tightened back up.
He has also replied asking what is the best thing to do with the bow as he needs the money. May be worth a look Ben but I would ask him how many times he has dry fired it before parting with my cash.


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It does not mean it is not jurryrigged. :raspberry :rotfl:

It does look weird though.


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nope; standard fare for an early 90s bow...

think the top and bottom limbs may have been swapped around at some point though.

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I like that the amended description states that you will need a lot of strength to buy appropriate arrows for it! Why, are they very heavy? :p

And he shot it at a plywood board... the horror...


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I was more amused that he states it's left handed, but he shot it right handed. Sounds like he doesn't have a clue what he bought when he got it.


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He was honest enough to put you info up you sent him, the irony is someone else with no clue will probably buy it and shoot it in their garden, is it me or are all the bolts rusty.


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Eeek, even I was shaking my head at that!

However fair play to the seller and his honesty - he could have ignored you entirely or BS'd his way through a description; even though it seems destined this bow will go on to rinse and repeat this scenario, he at least has done the honourable thing.

But blimey, I'm surprised he has remained unscathed and only annihilated the arrows he did.
Using a 70lb mystery compound, backwards, with those xx75s and the limbs loose - he's lucky, this bow is indestructible or...I don't know what else, this would have exploded in my face I'm sure of it! Maybe he only types with one hand now :eek:
I don't really want to plumb the full depths of what-ifs a comprehensive knowledge of compounds would give me into this situation.


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As a complete newby with limited knowledge of this type of bow you will be glad to know that this ebay ad made me laugh, and avoid!