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Rabid Hamster

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Realized its been a while since my last blog so I thought I'd check in with a tiny archery epiphany I had at the weekend while shooting the worst I have done since I was a novice.

If you have a work problem that is eating you alive ... the act of standing on a competition shooting line with a bow in your hand will not stop this. In fact in addition to having something cause your head to vanish up your own @$$ ... you will have the additional problem of being convinced that you have broken your archery mojo and that will make you feel SO MUCH WORSE!

Normal service was resumed this evening at practice ... focus + execution = results. The work problem is still there but some things are just so more important than letting [email protected] from a dumb job rule your life ... and thats when you realize you finally have your priorities right. Pity it took so long.

Timid Toad

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Ha! I use archery to shove all that work/life stuff out of my head. Can't worry about other pointless stuff when I have a bow in my hand!
But yes, it's about being in the right place mentally. You *have* to work, archery is hobby/relaxation/driving force/obsession.

Flying Whale

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Timid Toad;bt16712 said:
Don't like being sensible. Or normal.
Don't worry. You aren't!

I always like the fact that the alternative definition of "normal" (i.e. the maths one) is something that is at right angles to the rest.