Pocket lighter review for arrow building/repairs/serving burning etc


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Just tested a couple of lighters off a well known auction website for less than £3.00 each. They both are pocket jet lighters that work very well even in a breeze. Good for repairing arrows in the field, burning serving ends etc.
Left is a Zengaz - good flame control, handy cap but can get in the way sometimes. Flame lock so you can lock the flame on or off. Easily build one set of 12 arrows on one lighter fill, probably a lot more. Opaque finish so not easy to see fill level.
Right is Prof angled - Transparent reservoir so shows fill level. Good flame control but flame slightly smaller than Zengaz. Cap is awkward but can be held out of the way. No lock for flame and trigger harder to depress.
Summary - Both do a great job and for £3.00 a bargain to keep in the toolkit. My favourite is the Zengaz as you can leave the flame going while using both hands for arrow building. Both are refillable.

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Strangely I bought a two of the Zengaz lighters on the other well know online shopping site for £6.99 last week.