[Horsebow] Recommend me a horsebow please


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I've been looking at getting a horsebow for a while and wondered if anyone had one they love and would recommend. I'm looking for something 25-30 lb but meant for shorter draw lengths (my draw length is about 22 in). The bow also needs to have a small hand grip as my hands are tiny and I currently shoot my recurve without a handle. Not too expensive (could probably stretch to ?300). I'm based in Brighton so been looking at Istvan Toth bows as I can get to Aim Archery in Battle (and I'd prefer to try one out beforehand) so if anyone uses one of those then that would be great to hear about.


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Check out kaya bows: KTB (Korean Traditional Bow), Windfighter, Firefox. All pretty small, nippy bows, all suitable for use on horseback and perform at those draw weights. I personally hate Toth bows, finding them heavy and slow. Also consider the Samick SKB and the Grozer Pecheneg.

I don't know Aim Archery but can recommend Quicks in Waterlooville, which isn't far from you. They should have a selection to try.

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Samick SKB is very small and light - and come without a 'handle' so you can shoot it naked (the bow that is!) which will help with small hands. The draw weight specified for them tends to be at a 30" or so draw (ie normal archer drawing back to the ear, not the chin/mouth) so it might be an idea to get a bow that at first look would appear too heavy for you - but with a short draw length you'll have the desired poundage. (at least that makes sense to me!)

I have a Samick Mind50 (the carbon version of the SKB), it's a 60lb, but at only half draw it has a lot of power still.


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I've looked at all those bows but then I looked at the Falco Storm? Could this bow be what I'm after? Looks beautiful. Everyone seems to love it. What do you think?


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I guess it really depends on what you are going to do with your horse bow!
If you are going to shoot it from horseback (there are several places that do this and also international competitions!), then you might want to read the advice in these two links....
British Horseback Archery Association newsletter two
Saluki bows (high end horse bowyer and competition winner)
Otherwise, if it's just regular field/target/hunting, then whatever takes your fancy that you are comfortable drawing!