[Horsebow] Samick SKB 50 - Has it been discontinued

Mr R

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Does anyone know if the Samick SKB 50 or the Samick SKB 50 MIND been discontinued? I've been looking to buy one of the these bows for the last few months seeing as the outdoor season is now well underway, but the 2 UK suppliers that I know who used to sell them don't seem to have them on their website.


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All Samick products are supplied through one European distributor unfortunately for whatever reasons deliveries over the past 24 months have been few and far between...


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I asked a friend if I could borrow some bows to show a group of Scouts the different types of bows you can get, one of the bows was a Samick SKB 50. Most of the Scouts didn't think it was a proper bow so I just had to shoot it to show them trouble is now I want a SKB, great fun.


There was a SKB 50 that came up on ebay a week or two ago that did not get a single bid.

I know as I was watching it as I was thinking of selling mine as I don't shoot it much.