SF Archery Carbon Sight


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One of my friends in the uni club is having problems with her budget sight that she brought a while ago (It tries to adjust itself every end).

I was wondering if people had any experience with the SF Archery Carbon sight, and if it's worth it's ?65* price tag.

*Bowsports Online price


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no i had one great for a while then grub screws started to fall out everything loosened was a pain in the end i oppted for sure loc one piece of advice is spend on a good sight lasts lot longer you get what you pay for with sights imo


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A couple of quick fixes to enable her to keep shooting. Remove any screws that don't need to move and put a drop of threadlock on the thread and replace them.
For any screws that need to move for adjustment try putting a couple turns of PTFE plumbers tape on the threads or give them a light coat of string wax.


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Ditto for the threadlock! (Loctite 702 lock 'n' seal)

I did the same as a preventative measure.

I have had no problems other than the retaining screw for the removeable sight pin kept loosening after a couple of dozen shots. This was fixed by tightening lightly with an allen key before shooting starts then no problems.

I noticed that for the, newer, coloured (anodized) sights, the sight pin mount is now made of Aluminium and needs careful tightening of the retaining grub screw if you are not to strip the thread. It's too easy to do this. The orginal black and silver sights sights have steel mounts.
One of our club members had one where the sight block pins were so loose it was unuseable! The shop where he bought it quickly swapped it for one that is now fit for use and has had no further problems other than the afore-mentioned Aluminium pin mount problem.

As for value for money, Yes! if you get a good example.